Technical specs

Dimension: 125*125*129mm

Weight: 0.85kg

Material: Plastic,wood

Color: white (4 led color:blue, dark blue, purple, red)

Voltage: usb 5v

Power: 3.5

Scent coverage: 150m3

Scent cartridge: 2*10ml

Usage: stand alone,tabletop


1.Mini and fashion design.
2. USB connection.
3. Decent look.
4. Whisper silent diffusion.
5. Simple to use.

6.Built in timer, the machine will automatically turn off after working 2 hours if no operation.

7.Use cutting-edge technology of ‘cold-air diffusion,’ which ensures the integrity of the fragrance is maintained.

8. Twin air pumps work circularly to extend the lifetime of air pumps.
9. Fragrance intensity adjustable shows by LED light change colors.

10.Applicable places:This is ideal for shop, office, house or other many places.