Technical specs

Dimension: 236*220*77mm

Weight: 2.35kg

Material: Metal,+acrylic

Color: black body + black/white panel

Voltage: Battery 3-1.5V

Power: 5

Scent coverage: 400m3

Scent cartridge: 480ML

Usage: stand alone,wall mounted,tabketop


1.Use cutting-edge technology of ‘cold-air diffusion,’ which ensures the integrity of the fragrance is maintained.

2.Buit-in timer and App bluetooth intelligent control, you can control the machine by your phone easily.

3.Work with battery/eletricity you can install the diffuser in any place you want.

4.App smart control for working time periods and scent intensity setting

 Total 10 grades scent intensity adjustable.

5.Applicable places:This is ideal for shop, office, house or other many places.