Technical specs

Dimension: 163*160*165mm

Weight: 3.65kg (Approximately)

Material: Aluminum & acrylic

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 15W

Scent coverage: 2000-2500m3 (70600-88200ft3)

Scent cartridge: 2.5L×1

Usage: Stand-alone, Wall mounted, HVAC (best choice)


* Beautiful appearance.

* Featuring 2.5 liter scent cartridge no need to refill scent frequently.

* Microcomputer automatic controls have 5 sets of programming that allows you to adjust the working hours and working day of the equipment according to your needs.

* 20 grades intensity you can adjust easily.

* Strong scent output can scented the room fast.

* Easy to connect with HVAC.