Technical specs

Dimension: 275*350*80mm

Weight: 4.4kgs

Material: Metal

Color: black, white

Voltage: DC 12V

Power: 6W

Scent coverage: 1500-2000m3 (52900-70600ft3)

Scent cartridge: 500ml×1

Usage: Wall mounted, Stand-alone, HVAC.


* Silence working.

* Beautiful and fashion design. 

* Microcomputer automatic controls have 10 sets of programming that allows you to adjust the working hours of the equipment according to your needs.

* The interval of diffusing time and pause time is adjustable.

* “TWIN FLUID NOZZLE” technology, the pumps works in low pressure, longer lifetime.

* Nano particles leave no residue.

* It is ideal for hotel lobby, retail store, car shop, Mall, airport and many other places.